Paediatric Dental Clinic Hamburger Wackelzähne

When your child comes to see us, it is met by a team that specialises in the treatment of children.

The rooms of the paediatric dental clinic and its opening hours are geared entirely to the needs
of our young patients, who soon realise that they take centre stage here and that their wellbeing
is our first priority!

Paediatric dentistry Hamburger Wackelzähne

The sweeping layout of the rooms, the light corridors and the generous waiting area give
our premises a sense of spaciousness and cheerfulness.
With windows on all sides, large glass partitions and portholes in the treatment rooms, our
patients arewelcomed by a positive atmosphere of honesty.
A range of lighting effects and colourful accents send children on a journey of maritime
discovery, stifling any anxiety about dentists before it can even arise.

Paediatric dentist: Entrance area, Cloakroom, Teeth brushing corner


The spacious reception is divided into two separate areas.
The check-in is where we welcome you – and your child can announce its arrival by climbing
its own steps. We will then give you details of what happens next. The check-out is where you
can make new appointments, pick up prescriptions or receive discrete answers to any
questions you may have.


For your child to get the most out of sliding around and playing in the ball pit, it will want to
take off its shoes and jacket, and the cloakroom offers plenty of room for stowing them away.
This also makes it easier for you and your child to “arrive” and to feel “at home” here.

Toothbrush corner

The colourful ship’s wall is fitted with washbasins at different heights, so that your child can
enjoy chasing away the “tooth trolls” Karius and Bactus.

Paediatric dentistry Hamburger Wackelzähne

Waiting room

Our waiting area has been carefully designed: on the one hand, it invites children to play and
hide, but it also offers them a chance to relax and read selected children’s books.
A crawling area for babies is also available in the resting zone.