Our philosophy

The philosophy of our dental practice

Children are neither anxious nor uncooperative by nature; they are particularly open to new experiences and happy to be actively involved.
If treatment has been prematurely terminated by a family dentist or if a child has heard unpleasant stories (in the family, at kindergarten or at school), the child may lose confidence.

Our aim as paediatric dentists is to promote, or restore, the curiosity and cooperativeness that come naturally to children. We want your child’s dental treatment to be unclouded by anxiety and pain, so that it thinks of a visit to the dentist as a pleasant experience.

Having specialised in paediatric dental medicine, we are able to incorporate the latest scientific findings and offer the highest level of expertise, to ensure that your child gets exactly the treatment it needs.

We agree with all parents in believing that their child is unique!

Every child poses a new challenge for us, and every child needs individually planned and meticulous treatment to avoid repeated follow-ups.

To achieve this, we are committed to top-quality diagnostics and treatment.

You can rest assured that we will proceed as carefully as possible, minimising the damage to and loss of dental substance. Because nothing is better to “chew with” than your own teeth!

Treating children takes a great deal of time and devotion.
Love and devotion are not something that money can buy. Together with our passion and our qualifications, these are the things we bring to our job, and we are amply repaid for them when we see our young patients leaving the treatment room beaming with joy and asking when they can come back.

The time we invest in terms of patience and child-appropriate behaviour and the use of the best available materials leads to expenses that health insurance companies are often not prepared to cover in full.

Some of the special treatment methods available in paediatric dentistry are superior to the basic treatment in terms of quality and aesthetics, but the cost involved may also be higher and we will have to charge accordingly. Before carrying out any treatment, we will always inform you about the different options so that you can decide for yourself, which of them you want your child to receive.

We look forward to taking good care of the children entrusted to us, from their very first milk tooth to adolescence, as patients and as people!