Prophylaxis in paediatric dental medicine

Paediatric dentist: Prophylaxis

Paediatric dentist: Prophylaxis

Paediatric dentist: Prophylaxis

In our paediatric dental clinic, young patients are introduced playfully to the needs of dental hygiene so that they will be motivated to attend to their oral hygiene at home too, and learn to take responsibility for their own teeth.

When it comes to preventing dental disorders, we distinguish between the following measures.

Tooth-brushing school

Includes the following:

These sessions are covered by statutory health insurance companies twice a year for children aged 6 years or above.

Professional cleaning (Stop Caries programme)

Despite brushing one’s teeth regularly at home, bacterial plaque may form over time which can no longer be removed using a toothbrush.
This plaque often develops in places that are difficult to reach, which applies to about ¼ of all the surfaces of our teeth (e.g. along the gum line or sometimes even underneath the edges of the gums). It has an unfavourable effect on the oral flora and thereby increases the risk of caries.
Professional cleaning begins where in-home dental care leaves off. It has been medically proven that it helps to protect your child from caries and ensure that its teeth remain healthy its whole life long.

Includes all the services of the Tooth-Brushing School (as above) and in addition:

These sessions are normally not covered by statutory health insurance companies (as also applies to adults).

Prophylaxis shop

We want to make it as easy as possible for parents to buy the special paediatric dental care products that we recommend. Our prophylaxis shop therefore offers a range of products specially selected by us for our young patients.

Among other things, you will find: