Paediatric and adolescent dentistry as a field of specialisation is still in its infancy in Germany. However, it is quite clear that “children are not simply small adults”.
Whereas it is quite normal nowadays to take one’s child to a paediatrician, this is nothing like as common when visiting a dentist. Yet the primary dentition (milk teeth) lays the foundations for a healthy permanent dentition, which makes it all the more important that age-appropriate treatment should be carried out by trained paediatric dentists.

Our paediatric dental clinic specialises in treating children up to the age of around 15. In addition to giving children the kind of attention they need, we are able to draw on a range of resources and methods for catching caries (tooth decay) in its earliest stages and making the necessary treatment as pleasant as possible for your child.

Diagnostic resources

Paediatric dentist: FOTI


Paediatric dentist: Digital x-ray

Range of procedures (some not covered by statutory health insurance)

  • Training in brushing teeth
  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Fissure seals (primary dentition, permanent dentition)
  • Fillings (glasionomer, composites)
  • Crowns on primary dentition (silver-coloured, white facing, all-ceramic)
  • Milk tooth root treatment
  • Extractions (including mesiodens)
  • Ready-made molar steel crowns
  • Children’s dentures
  • Placeholders (fixed, removable)
  • Aesthetic dental prostheses for the front teeth
  • Frenectomy (correcting the frenulum of the lip or tongue)
  • Treatment of dental malformations (amelogenesis imperfecta, dentinogenesis imperfecta, MIH)
  • Treatment of teeth after a fall (trauma to front teeth)

We will be happy to provide further details in the course of a consultation.