Patient referral

Dear Colleagues,

You have decided to entrust a young patient to our care.

If you would only like us to treat a single tooth (e.g. pulpotomy and steel crown, or extraction), we should point out that we always treat entire quadrants at a time in order to spare the child from having to undergo more sessions than necessary. If other teeth in the same quadrant require treatment, we will treat these during the same session and then refer the child back to you.

Of course, we will also be happy to undertake the full treatment of all the child’s teeth, if you wish, as well as regular check-ups until the primary teeth have been completely replaced by the permanent dentition.

Our range of procedures is based on the latest scientific findings. Resorting to elements such as paediatric hypnosis, laughing gas and general anaesthetics, we have at our disposal all the means for providing modern paediatric dental medicine in top quality.

You can rest assured that we prefer to treat our patients awake using a local anaesthetic to treating them under a general anaesthetic!
Only then can children (and their parents) understand the consequences of inadequate oral hygiene together with a poor diet. Furthermore, we know of no greater pleasure than sending a child home after a successful treatment, proudly cashing in its reward coin and asking us when it can come back.
However: our top priority is always to achieve and maintain the children’s willingness to cooperate. For this reason, we sometimes have no other option - especially with young children or very extensive procedures - than to use a general anaesthetic.

Treating children appropriately and sensitively takes a great deal of time and attention, which often goes beyond what is strictly necessary in economic terms, as defined in § 12 SBG V.
The cost of this, and also the cost of treatment using laughing gas, is not covered by statutory health insurance and some private health insurance companies.
Naturally, parents will be informed about any additional costs before treatment commences.

In order to give your patients the best possible care, we would ask you to complete the referral form on the right.

Thank you very much for your trust and confidence in us!
After the treatment has been completed we will of course send you a detailed report.

Your paediatric dentist colleagues
Y. Lucks & S. Auras