Hamburger Wackelzähne

Paediatric dentist: Information

The name

When we answer the phone and give the name of our clinic, we can hear the callers giggling at the other end. “Wackelzähne?” – “Wiggly teeth? How sweet!” they say. That’s what we thought, too. Every child knows about wiggly teeth and waits longingly for its first wiggly tooth... because this is a sign of growing up and being old enough to go to school. And so all children are welcome here, be they young or old, with or without wiggly teeth!


Finding an appropriate logo was a lot more difficult – we wanted something that was appropriate to children and yet did not neglect the dental context either. After three months, we had almost given up hope, but then our graphic artist Marita Locmele sent us another design, with the words “You have a heart for teeth, don’t you”. That’s true! And our minds were made up at once. When we hand our business card to a grown-up, they usually say “a purple heart” or “a purple tooth” – but to children it is “a purple tooth-heart!"

Interior design

When furnishing our clinic we deliberately dispensed with the services of an interior designer. Through our years of experience in a range of paediatric dental clinics, frequent meetings with colleagues and not least the feedback from our young patients, we knew exactly which elements were an absolute must in a child-friendly environment. Come round and see for yourself!