Paediatric dentistry Hamburger Wackelzähne

This website represents a supplement to written information for our patients. It does not serve as advertising for our practice. The contents of these pages do not provide any recommendations for dental treatment methods. We do not provide any individual consultation or any treatment or diagnosis whatsoever via email. If you are not a patient of our dental practice, please contact the dentist in whom you place your trust if you have any specific questions on these topics. The provider of this website within the meaning of § 5 of the ((German Teleservices Act (TMG)) is the Wackelzähne paediatric dental practice in Hamburg. This is a group of practice with the legal form of a partnership.

Address and registered office:

Lübecker Str. 128
22087 Hamburg
T. +49 40 80 60 99 70
Fax. +49 40 80 60 99 71 0

The providers of the dental services in each case are:

Paediatric dentistry Hamburger Wackelzähne
Yasmin Lucks & Stefanie Auras

Partnership, address and registered office of the company:
Lübecker Str. 128, 22087 Hamburg
T. +49 40 80 60 99 70
Fax. +49 40 80 60 99 71 0

Authorised representative for the paediatric dentistry Hamburger Wackelzähne:
dentist Yasmin Lucks
dentist Stefanie Auras

The practitioners are all dentists who are qualified and are licensed to work as dentists in the Federal Republic of Germany:
dentist Yasmin Lucks (07 / 2008)
dentist Stefanie Auras (01 / 2008)

Competent supervisory authorities:

State Examination Board for the Health Professions, Hamburg
Billstraße 80
20539 Hamburg
T. +49 40 42828-0

Hamburg Dental Council
Möllner Landstraße 31
22111 Hamburg
T. +49 40 733405-0

Association of Panel Dentists, Hamburg
Katharinenbrücke 1
20457 Hamburg
T. +49 40 36147-0

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